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. a bit of kink trolling

| Implied Intimacy? |

Musical Inspiration| None, for once!
Pairing| Fact/Adventure

Meant to be bascially a trolling on the part of myself; writing . turn this room into a sauna brought out suckersoprano's previously undiscovered dog tag kink. Which I figure was all the reason needed to ensure that stayed around. Also, had just been feeling like doodling for once. Then whootsies made this. Oh, I am so proud of what I have started.


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Jul 21,2011 21 notes

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    ….. I think this just became my Portal OTP i mean holy fucking shit this art appeals to all of my kinks congratulations,...
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    oops i my hand slipped
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    I’m serious soap, one of these days I’ll write Fact wearing Rick’s dog tags as soon as I get done with, well, you know,...
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    And now my dog tag kink is so bad, you don’t even know. I partly blame Whootsies for this, BUT IT WAS YOU FIRST.
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    OH MY GOD Soprano has been raving about this!~
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